it’s all downhill from here 2 – 05

For those apart of the IWG group here in Indianapolis I hope you had a good time! We talked about plans for the future, conventions we were going to and there were even some newcomers who needed some advice on how to get started making comics. One thing I try to do is pay it forward when it comes to knowledge on how to get started.

So I’ve been reading penny arcade from back when they got started in 1998. Most of the comics don’t hold up but it’s nice to see what i’m doing isn’t too far off from what they did then. I’d like to say my art style is a bit more polished than when they started, which is encouraging. Ira glass has this video about creativity that was really helpful. Also Seth from SethDidThis who commented on the idea of not breaking the chain. Simply put every day you do something to further your goal, no matter how big or small. Each day you plan on aiding your efforts to do whatever. For me it’s comic stuff, but for you it could be writing a novel, composing a new song that will take the nation by storm, or even if your goals aren’t that lofty something that you can share and enjoy with other people. So get to creating folks. Don’t break the chain.

Comic pull this week:

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