it’s all downhill from here – 01
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it’s all downhill from here – 01

It’s finally here folks, the first page of my second project! It’s all downhill from here! Comment and let me know what you think. It certainly is a departure from my usual comic Reggie and the Rabbit but with good reason. This comic is me trying my hand at comedy.

News, I’m graduating college here at IUPUI this Sunday! In fact, my last class and project were yesterday. It was bittersweet and I’m glad it was a project based class, I made a mini-comic for that project.

No new done in 30 this week, we went over on our time on soundcloud so #6 and #7 will have to be delayed until we figure out a way to release them without soundcloud. I’m not sure if any of you readers use podcasters/podstreamers/podcatchers/whatever the case may be but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Zach opted for youtube videos, which I can link here, let me know what you think of the idea, does it work? Is it easily managed? etc..

Other than that Stan Lee has a free class on comic history that i’m doing and you should too, it started this week and you can access it here.

Comics this week:
and maybe SECRET WARS #1

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