it’s all downhill from here 2 – 01

Welllp it’s that time again. Time to begin the furious scribbling of It’s All Downhill From Here issue #2! For this issue i’m going to try to use Manga Studio 4 Debut. And with such a lovely program the linework makes it look like I was drawing while a category 3 earthquake was going off. Also with using a new program comes the fun challenge of learning new tools. I primarily work in photoshop and while I love photoshop, it’s not designed to make comics. I figured i’d use a program tailored for comics since it’s the *best* one out there. Maybe I should have sprang for the EX version or something. After fiddling with the settings I learned that the squiggly lines are a known issue. Hell, even some of my friends know of this issue.

I hope you like this “Home Movies” inspired linework as I start the new story. The object this time is to get you a full comic in about 3 months. That’s about 2 pages a week which will give me some time to have a backlog for Wednesdays to come. I hope your resolutions are still as firm as the day you thought of them. Maybe a test or two on your convictions to get back out there or to start working out. I hope slogging through the overcrowded gyms don’t sway you, keep at it. In a month or less it’ll be better, you’ll look great, and you’ll think back on the time before you worked out regularly as the “before time” era of your existence. Maybe you’ll have more energy to tackle some of those loftier goals, hitchhiking(maybe you’re of the Kerouac ilk), descend rapidly from a plane, write a book, or maybe you can help solve the middle east crisis. That’s right, go work out so you can help ease tensions maybe. Please? But look great while you do it.

Pulls this week:
…and what I haven’t picked up from the holidays.
I hope Pete doesn’t put the stuff back. :/

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