it’s all downhill from here – 05

Above is episode 10 of Donein30 with Me and Zach that we did last week. In this one Zach is going on about bikers.

Hey there readers!
Behold, the fifth and final page of it’s all downhill from here (for the time being). I’d like to take this moment and reflect on exactly what’s happening in the story. Boy moves to city, city doesn’t need nor want him, loses his job, and now his brother has moved in. Sound like tragedy? Wrong! I’m opting for the second mask here- the joker mask. Not the “chelsea grin”/I slice off my face kind, more the lighter side to tragedy. Hopefully there will be some upticks soon with Gene, I know, but you’ll just have to keep reading.

The format moving forward is going to be thusly: 5 pages of it’s all downhill from here, then a break as I try something different. Next week I’ll upload my senior project for my creature creation class but other than that it might be something like “The Misadventures of Matthew” or something of the like. I’d like to get your feedback via comment (if you would please) to see how you guys and gals are liking the new comic. Better than Reggie? Not quite your thing? Discuss. Also I’m taking a poll of possible character names for the brother. I’m digging Hubert Cumberdale but here is your chance to make an impact in my story. Tweet me at @YogaMattt

This weekend I’ll be at the Wyndham Hotel tabling at the Midwest ToyFest with OhNoBri! Come check out her new comic and pick up a copy of Reggie and the Rabbit and/or posters! I’ve got posters! Let’s have a chat!
Also Reddit Mods, I’d like my artist flair please and thank you!

Hope you have a good week, keep this industry we love alive and get some comics today. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! (books)

Pulls this week:

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