it’s all downhill from here – 04

Hey there folks! Above is episode 9 of Done in 30. Yeah yeah, we went a bit long but we had a lot to say about being towed. Hope you guys had a good Memorial Day weekend, I hope you did something to honor the troops. (we watched American Sniper) Lots of cookouts last weekend and another this Saturday.

Next week, the first weekend of June I’ll be at the Wyndham Hotel with Bri Rudd at Midwest Toy Fest. I’m scrambling to get commissions done, get posters made, and also stay ahead of the art for these weekly posts. It’s a good problem to have, yeah? I’m loving my new job and if you listen to the podcast you’ll know exactly what I do and I’m trying to get a little bit more aggressive with my art stuff. If you aren’t familiar with it there is a local group here in Indianapolis called the Independent Webcomics Group that is a local meetup for artists of any caliber to chat about comics, creation, or just to chat with like-minded individuals. So you’re invited to any meetups if you’re in the comic space or want to chat with those trying to get into the comic space or if you just like Dr. Who, there will be people to talk to.

Comic pulls this week:

Lite week this week, usually I’m picking up 8 or 9 books, it’ll be nice to have a light load. Oh man! Have you guys finished Wytches? It was awesome! I’m looking forward to the Wytches movie! The premise is there are these wytches (think silient hill creatures) living in the trees in this giant network of trees and they’ve taken over this town where you can pledge people to them for them to eat/use/torture and everyone who knows about them will forget they existed. It follows a family who’ve moved back to this town and whose daughter has been pledged. Get it, it’s good. Also check out Nutmeg #3, a former classmate of mine is the artist and it’s a cute and devious little comic. Think Archie meets Breaking Bad.

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