College Beast Comic – 04
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College Beast Comic – 04

Final page!

That’s right, they also grind the mushrooms into a mush which they can use to put on small sticks and use for incense. It expanded their mind maaaaaan- Also the levitation is a visual metaphor. They don’t actually float.
Back to the typical! Sorry for the big release today but hey, more comic pages aren’t a bad thing, right?!

My friend and former classmate Katheryn Steele of KLSteeleArt has a new project in the works and she needs our help funding it. She’s an amazing artist and is wanting to pay it forward so we can increase our digital art game. She’s the bob ross of cintiqs! Well, of fantasy art via the classic style of say a Rembrandt. She has interesting and dynamic figures and her realistic style and attention to lighting is top notch! Here is her indie go go campaign. Take a look at her stuff and buy a book(or two). But don’t buy too many, I want a couple of them too.

Indy PopCon is in a few weeks and I’m proud to announce that i’ll be there at booth 525! (map pending) If you’ve already bought a copy of Reggie and the Rabbit come show it and get a discounted poster. I should also have a con exclusive poster there. I’m going to be soloing a table so oh no no more ohnobri but rest assured she’ll still be there as press.

Pull list this week:
CONSTANTINE THE HELLBLAZER #1 (after the show was cancelled I figure we should help support DC, maybe they might redo the show or extend the season)

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