College Beast Comic – 01
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College Beast Comic – 01

So as you’ve heard from my podcast – or if you’re hearing it for the first time- I did this mini-comic for my last final my last semester of my last year. This was my swan song of sorts. These pages are the most current pages I’ve done to date. I’ll explain what’s going on in these pages as I release them. The idea was to take the creatures I made for the midterm and evolve them. My creature is the Maulum Apodous (no feet in latin) which is a marsupial with a thick cranial plate that it uses to pulverize victims. Think deer antlers but the whole face. Since it hits things with such a strong impact it has to close off it’s ear canal in risk of damaged hearing. I have a ton of other interesting things about them but know that in the midterm they were territorial assholes who thought more of territory disputes than progressing as a species. Think giant aggro mere-cats.

Since this will be a 4 part submission this week I’ll put my pulls and stuff on the last page.

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