College Beast Comic – 03

This is my favorite page. I had fun designing this page and it really felt like an older comic. Fun fact! The Maulum Apodous of this time harvest and raise crows for a couple of reasons. They like the dark feathers which woven into cloaks helps them blend into the forests that they’ve adopted as their new environment and they value the crows intelligence. They use crows like the Mongolians used hawks. Also they harvest the fecal matter.

So what’s with the bird fecal matter? Well there is a reaction between it and these mushroom they found. There is a chemical response that actually helped the Maulum expand their understanding of their place in relation to others. It helped curtail their aggression and helped them act less passionately. Since the midterm they now can weave bags, make cloaks, and have an alternate food source to the grubs, roots, and various small animals they could get their four hands on.

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