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I had an amazing time at Indiana Comic Con! Thanks Katie Silver for boothing with me! I’m glad I got to meet some of you who interact with me via the website in person. Reggie and the Rabbit is winding down and soon I’ll have up the It’s all downhill from here stuff. Additionally I’m thinking of doing a three panel comic featuring the Misadventures of Matthew. I’m still working on the format and such but I’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of posted! (nice segway self!) I’m going to be at the INDYpendent Self Publishing Show and I’d love to get to know you guys a bit better. It’s a smaller FREE show where you get to meet the artists behind the words and the pictures and ask tons of questions on things like: How do I do comics? How do I draw? How do I even? And more!  I know I’ve been going to it for the past two years now and it’s just a great time.

Speaking of time! (Double sic segway!) I’ve got some things you should check out! Some of the best things I found at ICC this year were these cupcakes that were real cupcakes fashioned into zombies! And there is a comic to go with it soon. Let me see if I can find the webpage, it’s brilliant… Here we go.

If you add me of Facebook I’m going to make an album of the costumes I saw at ICC. I got to meet hellboy!

Comics this week:

Stay tuned my web subscribers!

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