Reggie and the Rabbit b2p26
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Reggie and the Rabbit b2p26

This is the final page folks! All my hard work culminates upon this final page signifying the end of Reggie and Peggy and Toby. Who knows what’ll happen to them next? We can speculate but the true knowing won’t be known for many years to come.

So what did you think? Eh? Eh? Ehhhh? Did you see what I did there? Those of you who’ve been following me for some time have seen the first page of my new project, and if you’re so inclined you can visit the previous page in which that teaser is located, but it should give you an idea of the tone of the next story. If I could say anything its a story closer to my heart. I’ll describe it briefly, it’s a story about a man who moves to the city only to find his job has been expunged, erased, axed. The company he came to work for tanked suddenly rendering poor Gene jobless. With no prospects and no money to move back home Gene has no choice but to make it in the big city. It’s all downhill from here folks!

Also I would like to take a few words and plug my podcast which in it’s current state can only be found on soundcloud, affectionately called Done in 30! In which I kind of shoot the shit with my friend Zach.

Other announcements:
I’ll be at both MIDWEST TOY FEST and INDY Pop Con this con season. I hope to see you folks there chatting with me and hopefully buying my merch (So I can afford things like electricity)

I’m in the works with a new project, more details soon.

Oh yeah, I’M GRADUATING May 10! That’s exciting, right? I’ll be officially a functioning member of post-college society armed with a bachelor’s in Media Arts and Science with an emphasis in coffee consumption.


Pull list this week 5/29/15:

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