Rando #5 – Resolutions

I’m sure you guys are inundated with New Years resolution stuff. Some folks want to weigh less, others want to dust off interests they’ve had on the shelf, and why not? My New Year’s Resolution is to finish it’s all downhill from here #2. I’ve got an arc going on on paper and i’m excited to flesh it out. Also i’m hoping to have a teaser or at least some physical manifestation of it in time for the summer con run. Although now that I think about it I should probably get it done by April, i’ve got a few shows then.

Not having school kind of feels weird. I’m still finding myself wanting to cram for an exam or work on a neat project. I’ve even had some stress dreams about missing deadlines. Gladly i’m out of school and I’m doing something directly related to my degree of Media Arts and Science from the school of Informatics. I’m more-or-less a front end developer. Css for days 😀

Other than tightening up the second issue of iadhfh(that’s the hastily written in resolution on that list above that’s probably very unintelligible) i’ve got nothing for ya. Be well, don’t drink too much, try to have fun more, and be good to each other.


Comic Pull this week: Very light this week. But heck, i’ll find something else on the stands. I always do.

Hey comic creators! Would you like a permanent link on my website? Well I certainly would like one on yours! Connect with me via Contact and lets see if we can get something going.

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