Seasons greetings folks! I hope your finals, work proposals, and holiday shopping is going well. One of the biggest gifts you could get the nerd in your life is the opportunity to see Star Wars! I’ve had three movies in that multi part epic come out in my lifetime, now it’s going to be four! I don’t know when you plan to see it but I’m going to see it with my girlfriend Thursday at 10:45. I’m going to a theater with reclining bucket seats, the apex of comfort and 3D viewing. The tickets weren’t even that much more than a regular ticket. ($14 versus $10) I wish they sold coffee/lattes in the theaters though, that late of a show, the fact that the theater is going to be cold, and the glee of holding a warm beverage in my hands would bring back those memories of being a kid watching Star Wars during winter break with a mug of hot chocolate. I might be chasing the dragon on that one.

Needless to say, if you’re going to see Star Wars and take part in the zeitgeist that is the fandom, please keep the spoilers to yourself. I’m going to do my best not to ruin the experience for others and I recommend staying away from movie reviewers(We all know what we’re in for, who needs a reviewer spoiling our experience). Just imagine you’re a 7 year old in 1980 and only tell those who’ve seen it the greatest parts while chortling and laughing over blue food stained lunch trays.

On other news my friend and creator of Rabid Ginger is working through his issue #1 of his comic Watashi No Oni. He’s gone to the INDYpendent Self-Publishing Show with me with his issue #0. I’m hoping to take him with me to other conventions to help get his feet wet in the comic space. If you’ve got any questions or want to get in contact with him just click the link above this sentence and get to typing.

Speaking of Conventions, here is my not-yet-paid-for Convention List:
INDYpendent Self-Publishing Show – April 3rd
Lafayette Comic Con – April 9th
Indiana Comic Con – April 29th
Indy Pop Con – June 17-19th
I’m going to have a busy April, I can tell you that.

I’m going to try to get something ready for you guys by the 23rd. Also What do you think of me starting a Patreon? Comment or tweet me.
Be well and may the force be with you,

Pull list this week:

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