it’s all downhill from here – 20

I’m back! It took me a few days to get this done, i’m so out of practice. You hear that kids? Practice! Draw err’ day, err’ day. Btw, if you didn’t know it’s INKTOBER! So if you’re doing the damn thing that link will take you to the necessary prompts for Inktober. If you aren’t doing Inktober here what it is: Each day has a different prompt and you’re to draw something akin to that prompt in ink. What kind of ink? I don’t know, india ink? Blood? I don’t care (and take no responsibility for what you choose to use as an ink substitute, dish washing fluid doesn’t get you far, believe me, I tried) what you use! Just get to inking. Here is a neat twitter dedicated to Inktober! Don’t forget to hashtag #inktober! …or is it inktober2015? Create your own ink related hashtag! Don’t be stingy!

Comics this week:

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