it’s all downhill from here – 10

ARCHIE VS. SHARKNADO!! ARCHIE VS. SHARKNADO! Let me get my cowbell and get to the streets, it’s a one-shot. Let me anticipate how this goes:
“Hey Jughead”
“Hey Archie, I like Hamburgers” *nom nom nom* “what’s that fish doing in the sky? I hope this isn’t a fish burger”
*Giant great white gulps up the upper torso of Jughead much in the likes of a 5 year-old and a gummy bear*
“Oh sh-!”

I am so excited about this comic and it’s ridiculousness i’m as giddy as a preteen waiting for Taylor Swift in the front row. ARCHIE VS. SHARKNADO! Is Riff Trax going to review this herald of literature?! Oh man, watch out downtown comics! GenCon is this weekend and for those going: take lots of pictures, play lots of games, and get your hands on some nice dicebags. (you pervs) The comic book group is coming along pretty well so far. I’m hoping to feature some of the talents at the INDYpendent show that I’ve been at a few times.

Question: What do you artists do for a warm-up before you start working on what you’re trying to get done? Lunges, push ups, heavy drinking, color palette challenges?

Pull list this week:


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