It’s all downhill from here – 02

I’ve got great news folks: I found greater employment! Essentially I help make webpages for a local small business. I found them after two days of looking and of all places I found them while haunting craigslist!

If you haven’t been following my exploits I have a podcast! Typically I will release them on Thursdays to give you guys another reason to visit my page. We’re still a young podcast and if there was anything you’d like us to talk about we aren’t adverse to reading listener mail. You can mail the podcast at: Also you might have noticed there is a new tab to click on which houses the podcasts. The idea of the podcast is to talk to my friend Zach, who wants to get into radio, for about 30 minutes weekly. We’re still debating how many we should do and frankly if you guys like hearing them we’ll keep producing them.

Other announcements,
I’ll be at Midwest Toy Fest June 6-7th with my friend Bri. If you haven’t gotten it yet I’ll be selling my book: Reggie and the Rabbit (Which you can read on this website if you’re so inclined) and if you’d like to get it on amazon you can!

Comic pulls this week:
SAGA #28

Omg guys, Secret Wars… Remember that one part when that guy was doing that thing? I don’t want to spoil it for you, just get them.

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