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it’s all downhill from here – 18 – Mattattaq
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it’s all downhill from here – 18

No color today: i’ve got an inflamed nerve in my back which made drawing this hell. I’m going to take a break and color it in a few days if I feel up for it.

In other news my birthday is soon! Also on that day my friend Katie Silver is releasing her new book Paper Triangle! Congrats Katie! Even with the color setback I’m well on target to print off my books by November to be sold at INDYpendent Show where Katie will be too. I’m also going to try to ramp up my production(back pain willing) to two pages a week making 96 pages making 4 books a year.

What’re you guys doing this year for 24 Hour Comic Day? I’ll probably be moving but I’ll be with you guys in spirit. October 3rd is when 24hrcd is- check out your local comic shop if you’d like to attend. Frankly I probably wouldn’t be in the comic space if it weren’t for going to Downtown Comics when they hosted the 2014 24hrcd. I met Katie mentioned above there, actually. As well as a few others that have impacted my development. It was a great experience and it was fun to see the group dynamic grow stronger over time. Around hour 20 you’re so loopy from lack of sleep that your focus is just to get done. I suggest tons of coffee and laughs to get you through. Bring a good buddy.

Keep on with your art! I’ll update you with the process of ordering books, setting the pages, and how the Novermber 15th INDYpendent show goes in a future blog, for now I’m just going to compress my back.


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